» F5 BIG-IP Provider

A Terraform provider for F5 BIG-IP. Resources are currently available for LTM.

» Requirements

This provider uses the iControlREST API. All the resources are validated with BigIP v12.1.1 and above.

» Example

provider "bigip" {
  address = "${var.url}"
  username = "${var.username}"
  password = "${var.password}"

» Reference

  • address - (Required) Address of the device
  • username - (Required) Username for authentication
  • password - (Required) Password for authentication
  • token_auth - (Optional, Default=false) Enable to use an external authentication source (LDAP, TACACS, etc)
  • login_ref - (Optional, Default="tmos") Login reference for token authentication (see BIG-IP REST docs for details)