» baiducloud_acl

Provide a resource to create an ACL Rule.

» Example Usage

resource "baiducloud_acl" "default" {
  subnet_id = "sbn-86c3v6pnt8b4"
  protocol = "tcp"
  source_ip_address = ""
  destination_ip_address = ""
  source_port = "8888"
  destination_port = "9999"
  position = 20
  direction = "ingress"
  action = "allow"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • action - (Required) Action of the acl. Valid values are allow and deny.
  • destination_ip_address - (Required) Destination ip address of the acl.
  • destination_port - (Required) Destination port of the acl.
  • direction - (Required, ForceNew) Direction of the acl. Valid values are ingress and egress, respectively indicating the inbound of the rule and the outbound rule.
  • position - (Required) Position of the acl, representing the priority of the acl rule. The value should be 1-5000 and cannot be duplicated with existing entries. The smaller the value, the higher the priority, and the rule matching order is to match the priority from high to low.
  • protocol - (Required) Protocol of the acl, available values are all, tcp, udp and icmp.
  • source_ip_address - (Required) Source ip address of the acl.
  • source_port - (Required) Source port of the acl.
  • subnet_id - (Required, ForceNew) Subnet ID of the acl.
  • description - (Optional) Description of the acl.