» azurerm_data_share

Manages a Data Share.

» Example Usage

provider "azurerm" {
  features {}

resource "azurerm_resource_group" "example" {
  name     = "example-resources"
  location = "West Europe"

resource "azurerm_data_share_account" "example" {
  name                = "example-dsa"
  location            = azurerm_resource_group.example.location
  resource_group_name = azurerm_resource_group.example.name
  tags = {
    foo = "bar"

resource "azurerm_data_share" "example" {
  name        = "example_dss"
  account_id  = azurerm_data_share_account.example.id
  kind        = "CopyBased"
  description = "example desc"
  terms       = "example terms"

  snapshot_schedule {
    name       = "example-ss"
    recurrence = "Day"
    start_time = "2020-04-17T04:47:52.9614956Z"

» Arguments Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The name which should be used for this Data Share. Changing this forces a new Data Share to be created.

  • account_id - (Required) The ID of the Data Share account in which the Data Share is created. Changing this forces a new Data Share to be created.

  • kind - (Required) The kind of the Data Share. Possible values are CopyBased and InPlace. Changing this forces a new Data Share to be created.

  • description - (Optional) The Data Share's description.

  • snapshot_schedule - (Optional) A snapshot_schedule block as defined below.

  • terms - (Optional) The terms of the Data Share.

A snapshot_schedule block supports the following:

  • name - The name of the snapshot schedule.

  • recurrence - (Required) The interval of the synchronization with the source data. Possible values are Hour and Day.

  • start_time - (Required) The synchronization with the source data's start time.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to the Arguments listed above - the following Attributes are exported:

  • id - The ID of the Data Share.

» Timeouts

The timeouts block allows you to specify timeouts for certain actions:

  • create - (Defaults to 30 minutes) Used when creating the Data Share.
  • read - (Defaults to 5 minutes) Used when retrieving the Data Share.
  • update - (Defaults to 30 minutes) Used when updating the Data Share.
  • delete - (Defaults to 30 minutes) Used when deleting the Data Share.

» Import

Data Shares can be imported using the resource id, e.g.

terraform import azurerm_data_share.example /subscriptions/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000/resourceGroups/group1/providers/Microsoft.DataShare/accounts/account1/shares/share1