» Data Source: azurerm_subscription

Use this data source to access information about an existing Subscription.

» Example Usage

data "azurerm_subscription" "current" {}

output "current_subscription_display_name" {
  value = "${data.azurerm_subscription.current.display_name}"

» Argument Reference

  • subscription_id - (Optional) Specifies the ID of the subscription. If this argument is omitted, the subscription ID of the current Azure Resource Manager provider is used.

» Attributes Reference

  • id - The ID of the Subscription.
  • display_name - The subscription display name.
  • state - The subscription state. Possible values are Enabled, Warned, PastDue, Disabled, and Deleted.
  • location_placement_id - The subscription location placement ID.
  • quota_id - The subscription quota ID.
  • spending_limit - The subscription spending limit.