» Data Source: azurerm_monitor_scheduled_query_rules_alert

Use this data source to access the properties of an AlertingAction scheduled query rule.

» Example Usage

data "azurerm_monitor_scheduled_query_rules_alert" "example" {
  resource_group_name = "terraform-example-rg"
  name                = "tfex-queryrule"

output "query_rule_id" {
  value = "${data.azurerm_monitor_scheduled_query_rules_alert.example.id}"

» Argument Reference

  • name - (Required) Specifies the name of the scheduled query rule.
  • resource_group_name - (Required) Specifies the name of the resource group where the scheduled query rule is located.

» Attributes Reference

  • id - The ID of the scheduled query rule.
  • action - An action block as defined below.
  • authorized_resource_ids - List of Resource IDs referred into query.
  • data_source_id - The resource URI over which log search query is to be run.
  • description - The description of the scheduled query rule.
  • enabled - Whether this scheduled query rule is enabled.
  • frequency - Frequency at which rule condition should be evaluated.
  • query - Log search query.
  • time_window - Time window for which data needs to be fetched for query.
  • severity - Severity of the alert.
  • throttling - Time for which alerts should be throttled or suppressed.
  • trigger - A trigger block as defined below.

  • action supports the following:

  • action_group - List of action group reference resource IDs.

  • custom_webhook_payload - Custom payload to be sent for all webhook URI in Azure action group.

  • email_subject - Custom subject override for all email IDs in Azure action group.

metricTrigger supports the following:

trigger supports the following:

  • metricTrigger - A metricTrigger block as defined above.
  • operator - Evaluation operation for rule.
  • threshold - Result or count threshold based on which rule should be triggered.

» Timeouts

The timeouts block allows you to specify timeouts for certain actions:

  • read - (Defaults to 5 minutes) Used when retrieving the App Service Environment.