» Data Source: azurerm_monitor_log_profile

Use this data source to access the properties of a Log Profile.

» Example Usage

data "azurerm_monitor_log_profile" "example" {
  name = "test-logprofile"

output "log_profile_storage_account_id" {
  value = data.azurerm_monitor_log_profile.example.storage_account_id

» Argument Reference

  • name - Specifies the Name of the Log Profile.

» Attributes Reference

  • id - The ID of the Log Profile.

  • storage_account_id - The resource id of the storage account in which the Activity Log is stored.

  • servicebus_rule_id - The service bus (or event hub) rule ID of the service bus (or event hub) namespace in which the Activity Log is streamed to.

  • locations - List of regions for which Activity Log events are stored or streamed.

  • categories - List of categories of the logs.

  • retention_policy- a retention_policy block as documented below.

The retention_policy block supports:

  • enabled - A boolean value indicating whether the retention policy is enabled.

  • days - The number of days for the retention policy.

» Timeouts

The timeouts block allows you to specify timeouts for certain actions:

  • read - (Defaults to 5 minutes) Used when retrieving the Log Profile.