» azuredevops_user_entitlement

Manages a user entitlement within Azure DevOps.

» Example Usage

resource "azuredevops_user_entitlement" "user" {
  principal_name = "foo@contoso.com"

» Argument Reference

  • principal_name - (Optional) The principal name is the PrincipalName of a graph member from the source provider. Usually, e-mail address.
  • origin_id - (Optional) The unique identifier from the system of origin. Typically a sid, object id or Guid. e.g. Used for member of other tenant on Azure Active Directory.
  • origin - (Optional) The type of source provider for the origin identifier.
  • account_license_type - (Optional) Type of Account License. Valid values: advanced, earlyAdopter, express, none, professional, or stakeholder. Defaults to express. In addition the value basic is allowed which is an alias for express and reflects the name of the express license used in the Azure DevOps web interface.
  • licensing_source - (Optional) The source of the licensing (e.g. Account. MSDN etc.) Valid values: account (Default), auto, msdn, none, profile, trail

NOTE: A user can only be referenced by it's principal_name or by the combination of origin_id and origin.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The id of the entitlement.
  • descriptor - The descriptor is the primary way to reference the graph subject while the system is running. This field will uniquely identify the user graph subject.

» Import

The resources allows the import via the UUID of a user entitlement or by using the principal name of a user owning an entitlement.

» PAT Permissions Required

  • Member Entitlement Management: Read & Write