» azuredevops_branch_policy_min_reviewers

Manages a minimum reviewer branch policy within Azure DevOps.

» Example Usage

resource "azuredevops_project" "p" {
  project_name = "Sample Project"

resource "azuredevops_git_repository" "r" {
  project_id = azuredevops_project.p.id
  name       = "Sample Repo"
  initialization {
    init_type = "Clean"

resource "azuredevops_branch_policy_min_reviewers" "p" {
  project_id = azuredevops_project.p.id

  enabled  = true
  blocking = true

  settings {
    reviewer_count     = 2
    submitter_can_vote = false

    scope {
      repository_id  = azuredevops_git_repository.r.id
      repository_ref = azuredevops_git_repository.r.default_branch
      match_type     = "Exact"

    scope {
      repository_id  = azuredevops_git_repository.r.id
      repository_ref = "refs/heads/releases"
      match_type     = "Prefix"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • project_id - (Required) The ID of the project in which the policy will be created.
  • enabled - (Optional) A flag indicating if the policy should be enabled. Defaults to true.
  • blocking - (Optional) A flag indicating if the policy should be blocking. Defaults to true.
  • settings - (Required) Configuration for the policy. This block must be defined exactly once.

A settings block supports the following:

  • reviewer_count - (Required) The number of reviewrs needed to approve.
  • submitter_can_vote - (Optional) Controls whether or not the submitter's vote counts. Defaults to false.
  • scope (Required) Controls which repositories and branches the policy will be enabled for. This block must be defined at least once.

A settings scope block supports the following: * repository_id - (Optional) The repository ID. Needed only if the scope of the policy will be limited to a single repository. * repository_ref - (Optional) The ref pattern to use for the match. If match_type is Exact, this should be a qualified ref such as refs/heads/master. If match_type is Prefix, this should be a ref path such as refs/heads/releases. * match_type (Optional) The match type to use when applying the policy. Supported values are Exact (default) or Prefix.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • id - The ID of branch policy configuration.

» Import

Azure DevOps Branch Policies can be imported using the project ID and policy configuration ID:

terraform import azuredevops_branch_policy_min_reviewers.p aa4a9756-8a86-4588-86d7-b3ee2d88b033/60```