» Data Source: azuredevops_agent_pools

Use this data source to access information about existing Agent Pools within Azure DevOps.

» Example Usage

data "azuredevops_agent_pools" "pools" {

output "agent_pool_name" {
  value = data.azuredevops_agent_pools.pools.agent_pools.*.name

output "auto_provision" {
  value = data.azuredevops_agent_pools.pools.agent_pools.*.auto_provision

output "pool_type" {
  value = data.azuredevops_agent_pools.pools.agent_pools.*.pool_type

» Argument Reference

This data source has no arguments

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • agent_pools - A list of existing agent pools in your Azure DevOps Organization with the following details about every agent pool:
    • name - The name of the agent pool
    • pool_type - Specifies whether the agent pool type is Automation or Deployment.
    • auto_provision - Specifies whether or not a queue should be automatically provisioned for each project collection.