» Data Source: azuread_domains

Use this data source to access information about an existing Domains within Azure Active Directory.

» Example Usage

data "azuread_domains" "aad_domains" {}

output "domains" {
  value = data.azuread_domains.aad_domains.domains

» Argument Reference

  • include_unverified - (Optional) Set to true if unverified Azure AD Domains should be included. Defaults to false.
  • only_default - (Optional) Set to true to only return the default domain.
  • only_initial - (Optional) Set to true to only return the initial domain, which is your primary Azure Active Directory tenant domain. Defaults to false.

» Attributes Reference

  • domains - One or more domain blocks as defined below.

The domain block contains:

  • domain_name - The name of the domain.
  • authentication_type - The authentication type of the domain (Managed or Federated).
  • is_default - True if this is the default domain that is used for user creation.
  • is_initial - True if this is the initial domain created by Azure Activie Directory.
  • is_verified - True if the domain has completed domain ownership verification.