» Resource: aws_ram_resource_share_accepter

Manage accepting a Resource Access Manager (RAM) Resource Share invitation. From a receiver AWS account, accept an invitation to share resources that were shared by a sender AWS account. To create a resource share in the sender, see the aws_ram_resource_share resource.

» Example Usage

This configuration provides an example of using multiple Terraform AWS providers to configure two different AWS accounts. In the sender account, the configuration creates a aws_ram_resource_share and uses a data source in the receiver account to create a aws_ram_principal_association resource with the receiver's account ID. In the receiver account, the configuration accepts the invitation to share resources with the aws_ram_resource_share_accepter.

provider "aws" {
  profile = "profile2"

provider "aws" {
  alias   = "alternate"
  profile = "profile1"

resource "aws_ram_resource_share" "sender_share" {
  provider = "aws.alternate"

  name                      = "tf-test-resource-share"
  allow_external_principals = true

  tags = {
    Name = "tf-test-resource-share"

resource "aws_ram_principal_association" "sender_invite" {
  provider = "aws.alternate"

  principal          = "${data.aws_caller_identity.receiver.account_id}"
  resource_share_arn = "${aws_ram_resource_share.sender_share.arn}"

data "aws_caller_identity" "receiver" {}

resource "aws_ram_resource_share_accepter" "receiver_accept" {
  share_arn = "${aws_ram_principal_association.sender_invite.resource_share_arn}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • share_arn - (Required) The ARN of the resource share.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • invitation_arn - The ARN of the resource share invitation.
  • share_id - The ID of the resource share as displayed in the console.
  • status - The status of the resource share (ACTIVE, PENDING, FAILED, DELETING, DELETED).
  • receiver_account_id - The account ID of the receiver account which accepts the invitation.
  • sender_account_id - The account ID of the sender account which submits the invitation.
  • share_name - The name of the resource share.
  • resources - A list of the resource ARNs shared via the resource share.

» Import

Resource share accepters can be imported using the resource share ARN, e.g.

$ terraform import aws_ram_resource_share_accepter.example arn:aws:ram:us-east-1:123456789012:resource-share/c4b56393-e8d9-89d9-6dc9-883752de4767