» Resource: aws_quicksight_user

Resource for managing QuickSight User

» Example Usage

resource "aws_quicksight_user" "example" {
  user_name     = "an-author"
  email         = "author@example.com"
  identity_type = "IAM"
  user_role     = "AUTHOR"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • email - (Required) The email address of the user that you want to register.
  • identity_type - (Required) Amazon QuickSight supports several ways of managing the identity of users. This parameter accepts either IAM or QUICKSIGHT.
  • user_role - (Required) The Amazon QuickSight role of the user. The user role can be one of the following: READER, AUTHOR, or ADMIN
  • user_name - (Optional) The Amazon QuickSight user name that you want to create for the user you are registering.
  • aws_account_id - (Optional) The ID for the AWS account that the user is in. Currently, you use the ID for the AWS account that contains your Amazon QuickSight account.
  • iam_arn - (Optional) The ARN of the IAM user or role that you are registering with Amazon QuickSight.
  • namespace - (Optional) The namespace. Currently, you should set this to default.
  • session_name - (Optional) The name of the IAM session to use when assuming roles that can embed QuickSight dashboards.

» Attributes Reference

All above attributes except for session_name and identity_type are exported as well as:

  • arn - Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the user

» Import

Importing is currently not supported on this resource.