» Resource: aws_lambda_layer_version

Provides a Lambda Layer Version resource. Lambda Layers allow you to reuse shared bits of code across multiple lambda functions.

For information about Lambda Layers and how to use them, see AWS Lambda Layers

» Example Usage

resource "aws_lambda_layer_version" "lambda_layer" {
  filename   = "lambda_layer_payload.zip"
  layer_name = "lambda_layer_name"

  compatible_runtimes = ["nodejs8.10"]

» Specifying the Deployment Package

AWS Lambda Layers expect source code to be provided as a deployment package whose structure varies depending on which compatible_runtimes this layer specifies. See Runtimes for the valid values of compatible_runtimes.

Once you have created your deployment package you can specify it either directly as a local file (using the filename argument) or indirectly via Amazon S3 (using the s3_bucket, s3_key and s3_object_version arguments). When providing the deployment package via S3 it may be useful to use the aws_s3_bucket_object resource to upload it.

For larger deployment packages it is recommended by Amazon to upload via S3, since the S3 API has better support for uploading large files efficiently.

» Argument Reference

  • layer_name (Required) A unique name for your Lambda Layer
  • filename (Optional) The path to the function's deployment package within the local filesystem. If defined, The s3_-prefixed options cannot be used.
  • s3_bucket - (Optional) The S3 bucket location containing the function's deployment package. Conflicts with filename. This bucket must reside in the same AWS region where you are creating the Lambda function.
  • s3_key - (Optional) The S3 key of an object containing the function's deployment package. Conflicts with filename.
  • s3_object_version - (Optional) The object version containing the function's deployment package. Conflicts with filename.
  • compatible_runtimes - (Optional) A list of Runtimes this layer is compatible with. Up to 5 runtimes can be specified.
  • description - (Optional) Description of what your Lambda Layer does.
  • license_info - (Optional) License info for your Lambda Layer. See License Info.
  • source_code_hash - (Optional) Used to trigger updates. Must be set to a base64-encoded SHA256 hash of the package file specified with either filename or s3_key. The usual way to set this is ${filebase64sha256("file.zip")} (Terraform 0.11.12 or later) or ${base64sha256(file("file.zip"))} (Terraform 0.11.11 and earlier), where "file.zip" is the local filename of the lambda layer source archive.

» Attributes Reference

  • arn - The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Lambda Layer with version.
  • layer_arn - The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Lambda Layer without version.
  • created_date - The date this resource was created.
  • source_code_size - The size in bytes of the function .zip file.
  • version - This Lamba Layer version.

» Import

Lambda Layers can be imported using arn.

$ terraform import \
    aws_lambda_layer_version.test_layer \