» Resource: aws_lambda_event_source_mapping

Provides a Lambda event source mapping. This allows Lambda functions to get events from Kinesis, DynamoDB and SQS.

For information about Lambda and how to use it, see What is AWS Lambda?. For information about event source mappings, see CreateEventSourceMapping in the API docs.

» Example Usage

» DynamoDB

resource "aws_lambda_event_source_mapping" "example" {
  event_source_arn  = "${aws_dynamodb_table.example.stream_arn}"
  function_name     = "${aws_lambda_function.example.arn}"
  starting_position = "LATEST"

» Kinesis

resource "aws_lambda_event_source_mapping" "example" {
  event_source_arn  = "${aws_kinesis_stream.example.arn}"
  function_name     = "${aws_lambda_function.example.arn}"
  starting_position = "LATEST"


resource "aws_lambda_event_source_mapping" "example" {
  event_source_arn = "${aws_sqs_queue.sqs_queue_test.arn}"
  function_name    = "${aws_lambda_function.example.arn}"

» Argument Reference

  • batch_size - (Optional) The largest number of records that Lambda will retrieve from your event source at the time of invocation. Defaults to 100 for DynamoDB and Kinesis, 10 for SQS.
  • maximum_batching_window_in_seconds - (Optional) The maximum amount of time to gather records before invoking the function, in seconds. Records will continue to buffer until either maximum_batching_window_in_seconds expires or batch_size has been met. Defaults to as soon as records are available in the stream. If the batch it reads from the stream only has one record in it, Lambda only sends one record to the function.
  • event_source_arn - (Required) The event source ARN - can be a Kinesis stream, DynamoDB stream, or SQS queue.
  • enabled - (Optional) Determines if the mapping will be enabled on creation. Defaults to true.
  • function_name - (Required) The name or the ARN of the Lambda function that will be subscribing to events.
  • starting_position - (Optional) The position in the stream where AWS Lambda should start reading. Must be one of AT_TIMESTAMP (Kinesis only), LATEST or TRIM_HORIZON if getting events from Kinesis or DynamoDB. Must not be provided if getting events from SQS. More information about these positions can be found in the AWS DynamoDB Streams API Reference and AWS Kinesis API Reference.
  • starting_position_timestamp - (Optional) A timestamp in RFC3339 format of the data record which to start reading when using starting_position set to AT_TIMESTAMP. If a record with this exact timestamp does not exist, the next later record is chosen. If the timestamp is older than the current trim horizon, the oldest available record is chosen.
  • parallelization_factor: - (Optional) The number of batches to process from each shard concurrently. Only available for stream sources (DynamoDB and Kinesis). Minimum and default of 1, maximum of 10.
  • maximum_retry_attempts: - (Optional) The maximum number of times to retry when the function returns an error. Only available for stream sources (DynamoDB and Kinesis). Minimum of 0, maximum and default of 10000.
  • maximum_record_age_in_seconds: - (Optional) The maximum age of a record that Lambda sends to a function for processing. Only available for stream sources (DynamoDB and Kinesis). Minimum of 60, maximum and default of 604800.
  • bisect_batch_on_function_error: - (Optional) If the function returns an error, split the batch in two and retry. Only available for stream sources (DynamoDB and Kinesis). Defaults to false.
  • destination_config: - (Optional) An Amazon SQS queue or Amazon SNS topic destination for failed records. Only available for stream sources (DynamoDB and Kinesis). Detailed below.

» destination_config Configuration Block

  • on_failure - (Optional) The destination configuration for failed invocations. Detailed below.

» destination_config on_failure Configuration Block

  • destination_arn - (Required) The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the destination resource.

» Attributes Reference

  • function_arn - The the ARN of the Lambda function the event source mapping is sending events to. (Note: this is a computed value that differs from function_name above.)
  • last_modified - The date this resource was last modified.
  • last_processing_result - The result of the last AWS Lambda invocation of your Lambda function.
  • state - The state of the event source mapping.
  • state_transition_reason - The reason the event source mapping is in its current state.
  • uuid - The UUID of the created event source mapping.

» Import

Lambda event source mappings can be imported using the UUID (event source mapping identifier), e.g.

$ terraform import aws_lambda_event_source_mapping.event_source_mapping 12345kxodurf3443