» aws_glue_crawler

Manages a Glue Crawler. More information can be found in the AWS Glue Develeper Guide

» Example Usage

» JDBC Target

resource "aws_glue_crawler" "example" {
  database_name = "${aws_glue_catalog_database.example.name}"
  name          = "example"
  role          = "${aws_iam_role.example.name}"

  jdbc_target {
    connection_name = "${aws_glue_connection.example.name}"
    path            = "database-name/%"

» S3 Target

resource "aws_glue_crawler" "example" {
  database_name = "${aws_glue_catalog_database.example.name}"
  name          = "example"
  role          = "${aws_iam_role.example.name}"

  s3_target {
    path = "s3://${aws_s3_bucket.example.bucket}

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • database_name (Required) Glue database where results are written.
  • name (Required) Name of the crawler.
  • role (Required) The IAM role (or ARN of an IAM role) used by the crawler to access other resources.
  • classifiers (Optional) List of custom classifiers. By default, all AWS classifiers are included in a crawl, but these custom classifiers always override the default classifiers for a given classification.
  • configuration (Optional) JSON string of configuration information.
  • description (Optional) Description of the crawler.
  • jdbc_target (Optional) List of nested JBDC target arguments. See below.
  • s3_target (Optional) List nested Amazon S3 target arguments. See below.
  • schedule (Optional) A cron expression used to specify the schedule. For more information, see Time-Based Schedules for Jobs and Crawlers. For example, to run something every day at 12:15 UTC, you would specify: cron(15 12 * * ? *).
  • schema_change_policy (Optional) Policy for the crawler's update and deletion behavior.
  • table_prefix (Optional) The table prefix used for catalog tables that are created.

» jdbc_target Argument Reference

  • connection_name - (Required) The name of the connection to use to connect to the JDBC target.
  • path - (Required) The path of the JDBC target.
  • exclusions - (Optional) A list of glob patterns used to exclude from the crawl.

» s3_target Argument Reference

  • path - (Required) The path to the Amazon S3 target.
  • exclusions - (Optional) A list of glob patterns used to exclude from the crawl.

» schema_change_policy Argument Reference

  • delete_behavior - (Optional) The deletion behavior when the crawler finds a deleted object. Valid values: LOG, DELETE_FROM_DATABASE, or DEPRECATE_IN_DATABASE. Defaults to DEPRECATE_IN_DATABASE.
  • update_behavior - (Optional) The update behavior when the crawler finds a changed schema. Valid values: LOG or UPDATE_IN_DATABASE. Defaults to UPDATE_IN_DATABASE.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • id - Crawler name

» Import

Glue Crawlers can be imported using name, e.g.

$ terraform import aws_glue_crawler.MyJob MyJob