» Resource: aws_datasync_location_smb

Manages a SMB Location within AWS DataSync.

» Example Usage

resource "aws_datasync_location_smb" "example" {
  server_hostname = "smb.example.com"
  subdirectory    = "/exported/path"

  user     = "Guest"
  password = "ANotGreatPassword"

  agent_arns = ["${aws_datasync_agent.example.arn}"]

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • agent_arns - (Required) A list of DataSync Agent ARNs with which this location will be associated.
  • domain - (Optional) The name of the Windows domain the SMB server belongs to.
  • mount_options - (Optional) Configuration block containing mount options used by DataSync to access the SMB Server. Can be AUTOMATIC, SMB2, or SMB3.
  • password - (Required) The password of the user who can mount the share and has file permissions in the SMB.
  • server_hostname - (Required) Specifies the IP address or DNS name of the SMB server. The DataSync Agent(s) use this to mount the SMB share.
  • subdirectory - (Required) Subdirectory to perform actions as source or destination. Should be exported by the NFS server.
  • tags - (Optional) Key-value pairs of resource tags to assign to the DataSync Location.
  • user - (Required) The user who can mount the share and has file and folder permissions in the SMB share.

» mount_options Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported inside the mount_options configuration block:

  • version - (Optional) The specific SMB version that you want DataSync to use for mounting your SMB share. Valid values: AUTOMATIC, SMB2, and SMB3. Default: AUTOMATIC

» Attribute Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • arn - Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the DataSync Location.

» Import

aws_datasync_location_smb can be imported by using the Amazon Resource Name (ARN), e.g.

$ terraform import aws_datasync_location_smb.example arn:aws:datasync:us-east-1:123456789012:location/loc-12345678901234567