» Data Source: aws_transfer_server

Use this data source to get the ARN of an AWS Transfer Server for use in other resources.

» Example Usage

data "aws_transfer_server" "example" {
  server_id = "s-1234567"

» Argument Reference

  • server_id - (Required) ID for an SFTP server.

» Attributes Reference

  • arn - Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of Transfer Server
  • endpoint - The endpoint of the Transfer Server (e.g. s-12345678.server.transfer.REGION.amazonaws.com)
  • id - The Server ID of the Transfer Server (e.g. s-12345678)
  • identity_provider_type - The mode of authentication enabled for this service. The default value is SERVICE_MANAGED, which allows you to store and access SFTP user credentials within the service. API_GATEWAY indicates that user authentication requires a call to an API Gateway endpoint URL provided by you to integrate an identity provider of your choice.
  • invocation_role - Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the IAM role used to authenticate the user account with an identity_provider_type of API_GATEWAY.
  • logging_role - Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of an IAM role that allows the service to write your SFTP users’ activity to your Amazon CloudWatch logs for monitoring and auditing purposes.
  • url - URL of the service endpoint used to authenticate users with an identity_provider_type of API_GATEWAY.