» Data Source: aws_lambda_invocation

Use this data source to invoke custom lambda functions as data source. The lambda function is invoked with RequestResponse invocation type.

» Example Usage

data "aws_lambda_invocation" "example" {
  function_name = "${aws_lambda_function.lambda_function_test.function_name}"

  input = <<JSON
  "key1": "value1",
  "key2": "value2"

output "result" {
  description = "String result of Lambda execution"
  value       = "${data.aws_lambda_invocation.example.result}"

# In Terraform 0.11 and earlier, the result_map attribute can be used
# to convert a result JSON string to a map of string keys to string values.
output "result_entry_tf011" {
  value = "${data.aws_lambda_invocation.example.result_map["key1"]}"

# In Terraform 0.12 and later, the jsondecode() function can be used
# to convert a result JSON string to native Terraform types.
output "result_entry_tf012" {
  value = jsondecode(data.aws_lambda_invocation.example.result)["key1"]

» Argument Reference

  • function_name - (Required) The name of the lambda function.
  • input - (Required) A string in JSON format that is passed as payload to the lambda function.
  • qualifier - (Optional) The qualifier (a.k.a version) of the lambda function. Defaults to $LATEST.

» Attributes Reference

  • result - String result of the lambda function invocation.
  • result_map - (DEPRECATED) This field is set only if result is a map of primitive types, where the map is string keys and string values. In Terraform 0.12 and later, use the jsondecode() function with the result attribute instead to convert the result to all supported native Terraform types.