» Data Source: aws_elastic_beanstalk_application

Retrieve information about an Elastic Beanstalk Application.

» Example Usage

data "aws_elastic_beanstalk_application" "example" {
  name = "example"

output "arn" {
  value = "${data.aws_elastic_beanstalk_application.example.arn}"

output "description" {
  value = "${data.aws_elastic_beanstalk_application.example.description}"

» Argument Reference

  • name - (Required) The name of the application

» Attributes Reference

  • id - The name of the application
  • arn - The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the application.
  • description - Short description of the application

Application version lifecycle (appversion_lifecycle) supports the nested attribute containing.

  • service_role - The ARN of an IAM service role under which the application version is deleted. Elastic Beanstalk must have permission to assume this role.
  • max_count - The maximum number of application versions to retain.
  • max_age_in_days - The number of days to retain an application version.
  • delete_source_from_s3 - Specifies whether delete a version's source bundle from S3 when the application version is deleted.