» Data Source: aws_ec2_local_gateways

Provides information for multiple EC2 Local Gateways, such as their identifiers.

» Example Usage

The following example retrieves Local Gateways with a resource tag of service set to production.

data "aws_ec2_local_gateways" "foo" {
  tags = {
    service = "production"

output "foo" {
  value = "${data.aws_ec2_local_gateways.foo.ids}"

» Argument Reference

  • tags - (Optional) A mapping of tags, each pair of which must exactly match a pair on the desired local_gateways.

  • filter - (Optional) Custom filter block as described below.

More complex filters can be expressed using one or more filter sub-blocks, which take the following arguments:

  • name - (Required) The name of the field to filter by, as defined by the underlying AWS API.

  • values - (Required) Set of values that are accepted for the given field. A Local Gateway will be selected if any one of the given values matches.

» Attributes Reference

  • ids - Set of all the Local Gateway identifiers