» aviatrix_aws_tgw_vpc_attachment

The aviatrix_aws_tgw_vpc_attachment resource manages the attaching & detaching of the VPC to & from an AWS TGW, and FireNet Gateway to TGW Firewall Domain.

» Example Usage

# Create an Aviatrix AWS TGW VPC Attachment
resource "aviatrix_aws_tgw_vpc_attachment" "test_aws_tgw_vpc_attachment" {
  tgw_name             = "test-tgw"
  region               = "us-east-1"
  security_domain_name = "my-sdn"
  vpc_account_name     = "test-account"
  vpc_id               = "vpc-0e2fac2b91c6697b3"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

» Required

  • tgw_name - (Required) Name of the AWS TGW.
  • region - (Required) AWS Region of the TGW.
  • security_domain_name - (Required & ForceNew) The name of the security domain, to which the VPC will be attached to. If changed, the VPC will be detached from the old domain, and attached to the new domain.
  • vpc_account_name - (Required) The name of the cloud account in the Aviatrix controller, which is associated with the VPC.
  • vpc_id - (Required) VPC ID of the VPC to be attached to the specified security_domain_name.

» Advanced Options

  • subnets - (Optional and ForceNew) Advanced option. VPC subnets separated by ',' to attach to the VPC. If left blank, the Aviatrix Controller automatically selects a subnet representing each AZ for the VPC attachment. Example: "subnet-214f5646,subnet-085e8c81a89d70846".
  • route_tables - (Optional and ForceNew) Advanced option. Route tables separated by ',' to participate in TGW Orchestrator, i.e., learned routes will be propagated to these route tables. Example: "rtb-212ff547,rtb-045397874c170c745".
  • customized_routes - (Optional) Advanced option. Customized Spoke VPC Routes. It allows the admin to enter non-RFC1918 routes in the VPC route table targeting the TGW. Example: ",,".
  • customized_route_advertisement - (Optional and ForeNew) Advanced option. Customized route(s) to be advertised to other VPCs that are connected to the same TGW. Example: ",,".
  • disable_local_route_propagation - (Optional and ForceNew) Advanced option. If set to true, it disables automatic route propagation of this VPC to other VPCs within the same security domain. Valid values: true, false. Default value: false.

» Import

aws_tgw_vpc_attachment can be imported using the tgw_name, security_domain_name and vpc_id, e.g.

$ terraform import aviatrix_aws_tgw_vpc_attachment.test tgw_name~security_domain_name~vpc_id