» aviatrix_account_user

The aviatrix_account_user resource allows the creation and management of Aviatrix user accounts.

» Example Usage

# Create an Aviatrix User Account
resource "aviatrix_account_user" "test_accountuser" {
  username     = "username1"
  email        = "username1@testdomain.com"
  password     = "passwordforuser1-1234"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported for creating user account:

» Required

  • username - (Required) Name of account user to be created.
  • email - (Required) Email of address of account user to be created.
  • password - (Required) Login password for the account user to be created. If password is changed, current account will be destroyed and a new account will be created.

The following arguments are deprecated:

  • account_name - (Required) Cloud account name of user to be created. Deprecated as of Aviatrix provider R2.13 (Controller 5.4) due to RBAC implementation.

» Import

account_user can be imported using the username (when doing import, need to leave password argument blank), e.g.

$ terraform import aviatrix_account_user.test username