» aviatrix_firenet_vendor_integration

Use this data source to do 'save' or 'sync' for vendor integration purposes for Aviatrix FireNet.

» Example Usage

# Aviatrix FireNet Vendor Integration Data Source
data "aviatrix_firenet_vendor_integration" "foo" {
  vpc_id        = "vpc-abcd123"
  instance_id   = "i-09ade2592661316f8"
  vendor_type   = "Palo Alto Networks VM-Series"
  public_ip     = ""
  username      = "admin"
  password      = "Avx123456#"
  firewall_name = "Avx-Firewall-Instance"
  save          = true

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • vpc_id - (Required) VPC ID.
  • instance_id - (Required) ID of Firewall instance.
  • vendor_type - (Required) Select PAN. Valid values: "Generic", "Palo Alto Networks VM-Series", "Aviatrix FQDN Gateway".
  • public_ip - (Required) The public IP address of the firewall management interface for API calls from the Aviatrix Controller.
  • username - (Required) Firewall login name for API calls from the Controller.
  • password - (Required) Firewall login password for API calls.
  • firewall_name - (Optional) Name of firewall instance.
  • route_table - (Optional) Specify the firewall virtual Router name you wish the Controller to program. If left unspecified, the Controller programs the firewall’s default router.
  • number_of_retries - (Optional) Number of retries for save or synchronize. Example: 1. Default value: 0.
  • retry_interval - (Optional) Retry interval in seconds for save or synchronize. Example: 120. Default value: 300.
  • save - (Optional) Switch to save or not.
  • synchronize - (Optional) Switch to sync or not.