» avi_gslb

This data source is used to to get avi_gslb objects.

» Example Usage

data "avi_gslb" "foo_gslb" {
    uuid = "gslb-f9cf6b3e-a411-436f-95e2-2982ba2b217b"
    name = "foo"

» Argument Reference

  • name - (Optional) Search Gslb by name.
  • uuid - (Optional) Search Gslb by uuid.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • async_interval - Frequency with which messages are propagated to vs mgr.
  • clear_on_max_retries - Max retries after which the remote site is treated as a fresh start.
  • client_ip_addr_group - Group to specify if the client ip addresses are public or private.
  • description - User defined description for the object.
  • dns_configs - Sub domain configuration for the gslb.
  • error_resync_interval - Frequency with which errored messages are resynced to follower sites.
  • is_federated - This field indicates that this object is replicated across gslb federation.
  • leader_cluster_uuid - Mark this site as leader of gslb configuration.
  • maintenance_mode - This field disables the configuration operations on the leader for all federated objects.
  • name - Name for the gslb object.
  • send_interval - Frequency with which group members communicate.
  • send_interval_prior_to_maintenance_mode - The user can specify a send-interval while entering maintenance mode.
  • sites - Select avi site member belonging to this gslb.
  • tenant_ref - It is a reference to an object of type tenant.
  • third_party_sites - Third party site member belonging to this gslb.
  • uuid - Uuid of the gslb object.
  • view_id - The view-id is used in change-leader mode to differentiate partitioned groups while they have the same gslb namespace.