» avi_applicationprofile

This data source is used to to get avi_applicationprofile objects.

» Example Usage

data "avi_applicationprofile" "foo_applicationprofile" {
    uuid = "applicationprofile-f9cf6b3e-a411-436f-95e2-2982ba2b217b"
    name = "foo"

» Argument Reference

  • name - (Optional) Search ApplicationProfile by name.
  • uuid - (Optional) Search ApplicationProfile by uuid.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • cloud_config_cksum - Checksum of application profiles.
  • created_by - Name of the application profile creator.
  • description - User defined description for the object.
  • dns_service_profile - Specifies various dns service related controls for virtual service.
  • dos_rl_profile - Specifies various security related controls for virtual service.
  • http_profile - Specifies the http application proxy profile parameters.
  • name - The name of the application profile.
  • preserve_client_ip - Specifies if client ip needs to be preserved for backend connection.
  • preserve_client_port - Specifies if we need to preserve client port while preserving client ip for backend connections.
  • sip_service_profile - Specifies various sip service related controls for virtual service.
  • tcp_app_profile - Specifies the tcp application proxy profile parameters.
  • tenant_ref - It is a reference to an object of type tenant.
  • type - Specifies which application layer proxy is enabled for the virtual service.
  • uuid - Uuid of the application profile.