» auth0_custom_domain

With Auth0, you can use a custom domain to maintain a consistent user experience. This resource allows you to create and manage a custom domain within your Auth0 tenant.

» Example Usage

resource "auth0_custom_domain" "my_custom_domain" {
  domain = "auth.example.com"
  type = "auth0_managed_certs"
  verification_method = "txt"

» Argument Reference

Arguments accepted by this resource include:

  • domain - (Required) String. Name of the custom domain.
  • type - (Required) String. Provisioning type for the custom domain. Options include auth0_managed_certs and self_managed_certs.
  • verification_method - (Required) String. Domain verification method. Options include txt.

» Attribute Reference

Attributes exported by this resource include:

  • primary - Boolean. Indicates whether or not this is a primary domain.
  • status - String. Configuration status for the custom domain. Options include disabled, pending, pending_verification, and ready.
  • verification - List(Resource). Configuration settings for verification. For details, see Verification.

» Verification

verification exports the following attributes:

  • methods - List(Map). Verification methods for the domain.