» alicloud_ess_attachment

Attaches several ECS instances to a specified scaling group or remove them from it.

» Example Usage

resource "alicloud_instance" "instance" {
  # Other parameters...
resource "alicloud_ess_scaling_group" "scaling" {
  min_size           = 0
  max_size           = 2
  removal_policies   = ["OldestInstance", "NewestInstance"]

  # Other parameters...

resource "alicloud_ess_scaling_configuration" "config" {
  scaling_group_id  = "${alicloud_ess_scaling_group.scaling.id}"
  image_id          = "ubuntu_140405_64_40G_cloudinit_20161115.vhd"
  instance_type     = "ecs.n4.large"
  security_group_id = "${alicloud_security_group.classic.id}"
  active = true
  enable = true

resource "alicloud_ess_attachment" "att" {
  scaling_group_id = "${alicloud_ess_scaling_group.scaling.id}"
  instance_ids = ["${alicloud_instance.instance.*.id}"]
  force = true

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • scaling_group_id - (Required) ID of the scaling group of a scaling configuration.
  • instance_ids - (Required) ID of the ECS instance to be attached to the scaling group. You can input up to 20 IDs.
  • force - (Optional) Whether to remove forcibly "AutoCreated" ECS instances in order to release scaling group capacity "MaxSize" for attaching ECS instances. Default to false.
  • The attached ECS instances and the scaling group must have the same region and network type(Classic or VPC).
  • The attached ECS instances and the instance with active scaling configurations must have the same instance type.
  • The attached ECS instances must in the running state.
  • The attached ECS instances has not been attached to other scaling groups.
  • The attached ECS instances supports Subscription and Pay-As-You-Go payment methods.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - (Required, ForceNew) The ESS attachment resource ID.
  • instance_ids - (Required)ID of list "Attached" ECS instance.
  • force - Whether to delete "AutoCreated" ECS instances.

» Import

ESS attachment can be imported using the id or scaling group id, e.g.

$ terraform import alicloud_ess_attachment.example asg-abc123456