» alicloud_dms_enterprise_instance

Provides a DMS Enterprise Instance resource.

» Example Usage

resource "alicloud_dms_enterprise_instance" "default" {
  tid               = "12345"
  instance_type     = "MySQL"
  instance_source   = "RDS"
  network_type      = "VPC"
  env_type          = "test"
  host              = "rm-uf648hgsxxxxxx.mysql.rds.aliyuncs.com"
  port              = 3306
  database_user     = "your_user_name"
  database_password = "Yourpassword123"
  instance_alias    = "your_alias_name"
  dba_uid           = "1182725234xxxxxxx"
  safe_rule         = "自由操作"
  query_timeout     = 60
  export_timeout    = 600
  ecs_region        = "cn-shanghai"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • tid - (Optional) The tenant ID.
  • instance_type - (Required) Database type. Valid values: MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DRDS, OceanBase, Mongo, Redis.
  • instance_source - (Required) The source of the database instance. Valid values: PUBLIC_OWN, RDS, ECS_OWN, VPC_IDC.
  • network_type - (Required, ForceNew) Network type. Valid values: CLASSIC, VPC.
  • env_type - (Required) Environment type. Valid values: product production environment, dev development environment, pre pre-release environment, test test environment, sit SIT environment, uat UAT environment, pet pressure test environment, stag STAG environment.
  • host - (Required, ForceNew) Host address of the target database.
  • port - (Required, ForceNew) Access port of the target database.
  • database_user - (Required) Database access account.
  • database_password - (Required) Database access password.
  • instance_alias - (Required) Instance alias, to help users quickly distinguish positioning.
  • dba_uid - (Required, ForceNew) The DBA of the instance is passed into the Alibaba Cloud uid of the DBA.
  • safe_rule - (Required, ForceNew) The security rule of the instance is passed into the name of the security rule in the enterprise.
  • query_timeout - (Required) Query timeout time, unit: s (seconds).
  • export_timeout - (Required) Export timeout, unit: s (seconds).
  • ecs_instance_id - (Optional, Computed) ECS instance ID. The value of InstanceSource is the ECS self-built library. This value must be passed.
  • vpc_id - (Optional) VPC ID. This value must be passed when the value of InstanceSource is VPC dedicated line IDC.
  • ecs_region - (Optional) The region where the instance is located. This value must be passed when the value of InstanceSource is RDS, ECS self-built library, and VPC dedicated line IDC.
  • sid - (Optional) The SID. This value must be passed when InstanceType is PostgreSQL or Oracle.
  • data_link_name - (Optional) Cross-database query datalink name.
  • ddl_online - (Optional) Whether to use online services, currently only supports MySQL and PolarDB. Valid values: 0 Not used, 1 Native online DDL priority, 2 DMS lock-free table structure change priority.
  • use_dsql - (Optional) Whether to enable cross-instance query. Valid values: 0 not open, 1 open.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The id of the DMS enterprise instance and format as <host>:<port>.
  • dba_nick_name - The instance dba nickname.
  • state - The instance status.

» Import

DMS Enterprise can be imported using host and port, e.g.

$ terraform import alicloud_dms_enterprise_instance.example rm-uf648hgs7874xxxx.mysql.rds.aliyuncs.com:3306