» alicloud_cs_application

This resource use an orchestration template to define and deploy a multi-container application. An application is created by using an orchestration template. Each application can contain one or more services.

» Example Usage

Basic Usage

resource "alicloud_cs_application" "app" {
  cluster_name = "my-first-swarm"
  name         = "wordpress"
  version      = "1.2"
  template     = "${file("wordpress.yml")}"
  latest_image = true
  environment = {

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • cluster_name - (Required, ForceNew) The swarm cluster's name.
  • name - (Required, ForceNew) The application name. It should be 1-64 characters long, and can contain numbers, English letters and hyphens, but cannot start with hyphens.
  • description - The description of application.
  • version - The application deploying version. Each updating, it must be different with current. Default to "1.0"
  • template - (Required) The application deployment template and it must be Docker Compose format.
  • environment - A key/value map used to replace the variable parameter in the Compose template.
  • latest_image - Whether to use latest docker image while each updating application. Default to false.
  • blue_green - Wherther to use "Blue Green" method when release a new version. Default to false.
  • blue_green_confirm - Whether to confirm a "Blue Green" application. Default to false. It will be ignored when blue_green is false.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The ID of the container application. It's formate is <cluster_name>:<name>.
  • cluster_name - The name of the container cluster.
  • name - The application name.
  • description - The application description.
  • template - The application deploying template.
  • environment - The application environment variables.
  • services - List of services in the application. It contains several attributes to Block Nodes.
  • default_domain - The application default domain and it can be used to configure routing service.

» Block Nodes

  • id - ID of the service.
  • name - Service name.
  • status - The current status of service.
  • version - The current version of service.

» Import

Swarm application can be imported using the id, e.g.

$ terraform import alicloud_cs_application.app my-first-swarm:wordpress