» alicloud_alidns_record

Provides a Alidns Record resource. For information about Alidns Domain Record and how to use it, see What is Resource Alidns Record.

» Example Usage

# Create a new Domain Record
resource "alicloud_alidns_record" "record" {
  domain_name = "domainname"
  rr          = "@"
  type        = "A"
  value       = ""
  remark      = "Test new alidns record."
  status      = "ENABLE"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • domain_name - (Required, ForceNew) Name of the domain. This name without suffix can have a string of 1 to 63 characters, must contain only alphanumeric characters or "-", and must not begin or end with "-", and "-" must not in the 3th and 4th character positions at the same time. Suffix .sh and .tel are not supported.
  • rr - (Required) Host record for the domain record. This host_record can have at most 253 characters, and each part split with . can have at most 63 characters, and must contain only alphanumeric characters or hyphens, such as -, ., *, @, and must not begin or end with -.
  • type - (Required) The type of domain record. Valid values: A,NS,MX,TXT,CNAME,SRV,AAAA,CAA, REDIRECT_URL and FORWORD_URL.
  • value - (Required) The value of domain record, When the type is MX,NS,CNAME,SRV, the server will treat the value as a fully qualified domain name, so it's no need to add a . at the end.
  • ttl - (Optional) The effective time of domain record. Its scope depends on the edition of the cloud resolution. Free is [600, 86400], Basic is [120, 86400], Standard is [60, 86400], Ultimate is [10, 86400], Exclusive is [1, 86400]. Default value is 600.
  • priority - (Optional) The priority of domain record. Valid values: [1-10]. When the type is MX, this parameter is required.
  • line - (Optional) The resolution line of domain record. Valid values: default, telecom, unicom, mobile, oversea, edu, drpeng, btvn. When the type is FORWORD_URL, this parameter must be default. Default value is default. For checking all resolution lines enumeration please visit Alibaba Cloud DNS doc or using alicloud_dns_resolution_lines in data source to get the value.
  • lang - (Optional) User language.
  • remark - (Optional) The remark of the domain record.
  • status - (Optional) The status of the domain record. Valid values: ENABLE,DISABLE.
  • user_client_ip - (Optional) The IP address of the client.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The id of Domain Record.

» Import

Alidns Domain Record can be imported using the id, e.g.

$ terraform import alicloud_alidns_record.example abc123456