» alicloud_adb_account

Provides a ADB account resource and used to manage databases.

» Example Usage

variable "creation" {
  default = "ADB"

variable "name" {
  default = "adbaccountmysql"

data "alicloud_zones" "default" {
  available_resource_creation = "${var.creation}"

resource "alicloud_vpc" "default" {
  name       = "${var.name}"
  cidr_block = ""

resource "alicloud_vswitch" "default" {
  vpc_id            = "${alicloud_vpc.default.id}"
  cidr_block        = ""
  availability_zone = "${data.alicloud_zones.default.zones.0.id}"
  name              = "${var.name}"

resource "alicloud_adb_cluster" "cluster" {
  db_cluster_version      = "3.0"
  db_cluster_category     = "Cluster"
  db_node_class           = "C8"
  db_node_count           = 2
  db_node_storage         = 200
  pay_type                = "PostPaid"
  vswitch_id              = "${alicloud_vswitch.default.id}"
  description             = "${var.name}"

resource "alicloud_adb_account" "account" {
  db_cluster_id         = "${alicloud_adb_cluster.cluster.id}"
  account_name          = "tftestnormal"
  account_password      = "Test12345"
  account_description   = "${var.name}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • db_cluster_id - (Required, ForceNew) The Id of cluster in which account belongs.
  • account_name - (Required, ForceNew) Operation account requiring a uniqueness check. It may consist of lower case letters, numbers, and underlines, and must start with a letter and have no more than 16 characters.
  • account_password - (Optional) Operation password. It may consist of letters, digits, or underlines, with a length of 6 to 32 characters. You have to specify one of account_password and kms_encrypted_password fields.
  • kms_encrypted_password - (Optional) An KMS encrypts password used to a db account. If the account_password is filled in, this field will be ignored.
  • kms_encryption_context - (Optional) An KMS encryption context used to decrypt kms_encrypted_password before creating or updating a db account with kms_encrypted_password. See Encryption Context. It is valid when kms_encrypted_password is set.
  • account_description - (Optional) Account description. It cannot begin with https://. It must start with a Chinese character or English letter. It can include Chinese and English characters, underlines (_), hyphens (-), and numbers. The length may be 2-256 characters.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The current account resource ID. Composed of instance ID and account name with format <instance_id>:<name>.

» Import

ADB account can be imported using the id, e.g.

$ terraform import alicloud_adb_account.example "am-12345:tf_account"