» alicloud_nas_access_rules

This data source provides AccessRule available to the user.

» Example Usage

data "alicloud_nas_access_rules" "foo" {
  access_group_name = "tf-testAccAccessGroupsdatasource"
  source_cidr_ip    = ""
  rw_access         = "RDWR"
  user_access       = "no_squash"

output "alicloud_nas_access_rules_id" {
  value = "${data.alicloud_nas_access_rules.foo.rules.0.id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • access_group_name - (Required ForceNew) Filter results by a specific AccessGroupName.
  • ids - (Optional, Available in 1.53.0+) A list of rule IDs.
  • source_cidr_ip - (Optional) Filter results by a specific SourceCidrIp.
  • user_access - (Optional) Filter results by a specific UserAccess.
  • rw_access - (Optional) Filter results by a specific RWAccess.
  • output_file - (Optional) File name where to save data source results (after running terraform plan).

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported in addition to the arguments listed above:

  • ids - A list of rule IDs, Each element set to access_rule_id (Each element formats as <access_group_name>:<access rule id> before 1.53.0).
  • rules - A list of AccessRules. Each element contains the following attributes: