» alicloud_emr_instance_types

The alicloud_emr_instance_types data source provides a collection of ecs instance types available in Alibaba Cloud account when create a emr cluster.

» Example Usage

data "alicloud_emr_instance_types" "default" {
  destination_resource  = "InstanceType"
  instance_charge_type  = "PostPaid"
  support_local_storage = false
  cluster_type          = "HADOOP"
  instance_type         = "ecs.g5.2xlarge"
  support_node_type     = ["MASTER", "CORE"]

output "first_instance_type" {
  value = "${data.alicloud_emr_instance_types.default.types.0.id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • destination_resource - (Required) The destination resource of emr cluster instance
  • instance_charge_type - (Required) Filter the results by charge type. Valid values: PrePaid and PostPaid. Default to PostPaid.
  • cluster_type - (Required) The cluster type of the emr cluster instance. Possible values: HADOOP, KAFKA, ZOOKEEPER, DRUID.
  • instance_type - (Optional, Available in 1.71.2+) Filter the specific ecs instance type to create emr cluster.
  • support_local_storage - (Optional, Available in 1.61.0+) Whether the current storage disk is local or not.
  • support_node_type - (Optional, Available in 1.63.0+) The specific supported node type list. Possible values may be any one or combination of these: ["MASTER", "CORE", "TASK", "GATEWAY"]
  • zone_id - (Optional,Available in 1.69.0+) The supported resources of specific zoneId.
  • output_file - (Optional) File name where to save data source results (after running terraform plan).

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported in addition to the arguments listed above:

  • ids - A list of emr instance types IDs.
  • types - A list of emr instance types. Each element contains the following attributes:
    • id - The ID of the instance type.
    • zone_id - The available zone id in Alibaba Cloud account
    • local_storage_capacity - Local capacity of the applied ecs instance for emr cluster. Unit: GB.