» akamai_property_activation

The akamai_property_activation provides the resource for activating a property in the appropriate environment. Once you are satisfied with any version of a property, an activation deploys it, either to the Akamai staging or production network. You activate a specific version, but the same version can be activated separately more than once.

» Example Usage

Basic usage:

resource "akamai_property_activation" "example" {
     property = "${akamai_property.example.id}"
     network  = "STAGING"
     activate = "${var.akamai_property_activate}"
     contact  = ["user@example.org"] 

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • property — (Required) The property ID.
  • version — (Optional) The version to activate. When unset it will activate the latest version of the property.
  • network — (Optional) Akamai network to activate on. Allowed values staging or production (Default: staging).
  • activate — (Optional, boolean) Whether to activate the property on the network. (Default: true).
  • contact — (Required) One or more email addresses to inform about activation changes.

» Attribute Reference

The follwing attributes are returned:

  • status — the current activation status