» akamai_gtm_property

akamai_gtm_property provides the resource for creating, configuring and importing a gtm property to integrate easily with your existing GTM infrastructure to provide a secure, high performance, highly available and scalable solution for Global Traffic Management. Note: Import requires an ID of the format: existing_domain_name:existing_property_name

» Example Usage

Basic usage:

resource "akamai_gtm_property" "demo_property" {
    domain = "demo_domain.akadns.net"
    name = "demo_property"
    type =  "weighted-round-robin"
    score_aggregation_type = "median"
    handout_limit = 5
    handout_mode = "normal"
    traffic_target {
        datacenter_id = 3131

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:




The following arguments will be found in terraform.tfstate and can be referenced throughout the configuration. The values can NOT be changed.

» Backing Schema Reference

The GTM Property backing schema and element descriptions can be found at Akamai Developer Website