» Appendix

» Domain Suffixes for Different Edge Hostname Types

Each type of edge hostname has its own domain suffix. Knowing which one to use is important when setting the cnameTovalue:

Edge Hostname Type Domain Suffix
Enhanced TLS edgekey.net
Standard TLS edgesuite.net
Shared Cert akamaized.net
Non-TLS edgesuite.net

» Secure Hostnames

For secure hostnames you must include the certificate enrollment ID in your akamai_edge_hostname resource.

  1. Retrieve the enrollment-id from the CPS CLI
  2. Enter the ID as the certificate attribute.

» Common Product IDs

Leveraging Product IDs in your setup requires you to retrieve the ID for the specific Akamai product you are using. The following is a list of commonly used product IDs for different products:

Product Code
Ion/Ion Premier prd_SPM
Ion Standard prd_Fresca
Dynamic Site Accelerator prd_Site_Accel
Rich Media Accelerator prd_Rich_Media_Accel
Ion Standard prd_Fresca

Note that if you have previously used the Property Manager API or CLI set-prefixes toggle option, you might have to remove the "prd_" prefix