» PowerDNS DNS Challenge Provider

The pdns DNS challenge provider can be used to perform DNS challenges for the acme_certificate resource with PowerDNS.

For complete information on how to use this provider with the acme_certifiate resource, see here.

» Example

resource "acme_certificate" "certificate" {

  dns_challenge {
    provider = "pdns"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments can be either passed as environment variables, or directly through the config block in the dns_challenge argument in the acme_certificate resource. For more details, see here.

In addition, arguments can also be stored in a local file, with the path supplied by supplying the argument with the _FILE suffix. See here for more information.

» Information

Tested and confirmed to work with PowerDNS authoritative server 3.4.8 and 4.0.1. Refer to PowerDNS documentation instructions on how to enable the built-in API interface.

PowerDNS Notes: - PowerDNS API does not currently support SSL, therefore you should take care to ensure that traffic between lego and the PowerDNS API is over a trusted network, VPN etc. - In order to have the SOA serial automatically increment each time the _acme-challenge record is added/modified via the API, set SOA-EDIT-API to INCEPTION-INCREMENT for the zone in the domainmetadata table