» aci_rest

Manages ACI Model Objects via REST API calls. Any Model Object that is not supported by provider can be created/managed using this resource.

» Example Usage

resource "aci_tenant" "tenant_for_rest_example" {
  name        = "tenant_for_rest"
  description = "This tenant is created by terraform ACI provider"

resource "aci_rest" "rest_l3_ext_out" {
  path       = "api/node/mo/${aci_tenant.tenant_for_rest_example.id}/out-test_ext.json"
  class_name = "l3extOut"

  content = {
    "name" = "test_ext"

» Argument Reference

  • path - (Required) ACI path where object should be created. Starting with api/node/mo/{parent-dn}(if applicable)/{rn of object}.json
  • class_name - (Optional) Which class object is being created. (Make sure there is no colon in the classname )
  • content - (Required) Map of key-value pairs those needed to be passed to the Model object as parameters. Make sure the key name matches the name with the object parameter in ACI.

  • dn - (Optional) Distinguished name of object being managed.

» Attribute Reference

The only attribute that this resource exports is the id, which is set to the Dn of the object created by it.

» Importing

This resource does not support import.