» aci_logical_node_profile

Manages ACI Logical Node Profile

» Example Usage

    resource "aci_logical_node_profile" "foological_node_profile" {
        l3_outside_dn = "${aci_l3_outside.example.id}"
        description   = "sample logical node profile"
        name          = "demo_node"
        annotation    = "tag_node"
        config_issues = "none"
        name_alias    = "alias_node"
        tag           = "black"
        target_dscp   = "unspecified"

» Argument Reference

  • l3_outside_dn - (Required) Distinguished name of parent L3Outside object.
  • name - (Required) name of Object logical_node_profile.
  • annotation - (Optional) annotation for object logical_node_profile.
  • config_issues - (Optional) Bitmask representation of the configuration issues found during the endpoint group deployment. Allowed values are "none", "node-path-misconfig", "routerid-not-changable-with-mcast" and "loopback-ip-missing". Default is "none".
  • name_alias - (Optional) name_alias for object logical_node_profile.
  • tag - (Optional) Specifies the color of a policy label. Allowed values are "black", "navy", "dark-blue", "medium-blue", "blue", "dark-green", "green", "teal", "dark-cyan", "deep-sky-blue", "dark-turquoise", "medium-spring-green", "lime", "spring-green", "aqua", "cyan", "midnight-blue", "dodger-blue", "light-sea-green", "forest-green", "sea-green", "dark-slate-gray", "lime-green", "medium-sea-green", "turquoise", "royal-blue", "steel-blue", "dark-slate-blue", "medium-turquoise", "indigo", "dark-olive-green", "cadet-blue", "cornflower-blue", "medium-aquamarine", "dim-gray", "slate-blue", "olive-drab", "slate-gray", "light-slate-gray", "medium-slate-blue", "lawn-green", "chartreuse", "aquamarine", "maroon", "purple", "olive", "gray", "sky-blue", "light-sky-blue", "blue-violet", "dark-red", "dark-magenta", "saddle-brown", "dark-sea-green", "light-green", "medium-purple", "dark-violet", "pale-green", "dark-orchid", "yellow-green", "sienna", "brown", "dark-gray", "light-blue", "green-yellow", "pale-turquoise", "light-steel-blue", "powder-blue", "fire-brick", "dark-goldenrod", "medium-orchid", "rosy-brown", "dark-khaki", "silver", "medium-violet-red", "indian-red", "peru", "chocolate", "tan", "light-gray", "thistle", "orchid", "goldenrod", "pale-violet-red", "crimson", "gainsboro", "plum", "burlywood", "light-cyan", "lavender", "dark-salmon", "violet", "pale-goldenrod", "light-coral", "khaki", "alice-blue", "honeydew", "azure", "sandy-brown", "wheat", "beige", "white-smoke", "mint-cream", "ghost-white", "salmon", "antique-white", "linen", "light-goldenrod-yellow", "old-lace", "red", "fuchsia", "magenta", "deep-pink", "orange-red", "tomato", "hot-pink", "coral", "dark-orange", "light-salmon", "orange", "light-pink", "pink", "gold", "peachpuff", "navajo-white", "moccasin", "bisque", "misty-rose", "blanched-almond", "papaya-whip", "lavender-blush", "seashell", "cornsilk", "lemon-chiffon", "floral-white", "snow", "yellow", "light-yellow", "ivory" and "white". Default is "black".
  • target_dscp - (Optional) Node level Dscp value. Allowed values are "CS0", "CS1", "AF11", "AF12", "AF13", "CS2", "AF21", "AF22", "AF23", "CS3", "AF31", "AF32", "AF33", "CS4", "AF41", "AF42", "AF43", "CS5", "VA", "EF", "CS6", "CS7" and "unspecified". Default is "unspecified".

» Attribute Reference

The only attribute that this resource exports is the id, which is set to the Dn of the Logical Node Profile.

» Importing

An existing Logical Node Profile can be imported into this resource via its Dn, via the following command:

terraform import aci_logical_node_profile.example <Dn>