» aci_cloud_availability_zone

Manages ACI Cloud Availability Zone Note: This resource is supported in Cloud APIC only.

» Example Usage

    resource "aci_cloud_availability_zone" "foocloud_availability_zone" {
        cloud_providers_region_dn = "${aci_cloud_providers_region.example.id}"
        description               = "sample aws availability zone"
        name                      = "us-east-1a"
        annotation                = "tag_zone_a"
        name_alias                = "alias_zone"

» Argument Reference

  • cloud_providers_region_dn - (Required) Distinguished name of parent CloudProvidersRegion object.
  • name - (Required) name of Object cloud_availability_zone. Should match the Availability zone name in AWS cloud.
  • annotation - (Optional) annotation for object cloud_availability_zone.
  • name_alias - (Optional) name_alias for object cloud_availability_zone.

» Attribute Reference

The only attribute that this resource exports is the id, which is set to the Dn of the Cloud Availability Zone.

» Importing

An existing Cloud Availability Zone can be imported into this resource via its Dn, via the following command:

terraform import aci_cloud_availability_zone.example <Dn>