» aci_bridge_domain

Data source for ACI Bridge Domain

» Example Usage

data "aci_bridge_domain" "dev_bd" {
  tenant_dn  = "${aci_tenant.dev_tenant.id}"
  name       = "foo_bd"

» Argument Reference

  • tenant_dn - (Required) Distinguished name of parent Tenant object.
  • name - (Required) name of Object bridge_domain.

» Attribute Reference

  • id - Attribute id set to the Dn of the Bridge Domain.
  • optimize_wan_bandwidth - (Optional) Flag to enable OptimizeWanBandwidth between sites.
  • annotation - (Optional) annotation for object bridge_domain.
  • arp_flood - (Optional) A property to specify whether ARP flooding is enabled. If flooding is disabled, unicast routing will be performed on the target IP address.
  • ep_clear - (Optional) Represents the parameter used by the node (i.e. Leaf) to clear all EPs in all leaves for this BD.
  • ep_move_detect_mode - (Optional) The End Point move detection option uses the Gratuitous Address Resolution Protocol (GARP). A gratuitous ARP is an ARP broadcast-type of packet that is used to verify that no other device on the network has the same IP address as the sending device.
  • host_based_routing - (Optional) Enables advertising host routes out of l3outs of this BD.
  • intersite_bum_traffic_allow - (Optional) Control whether BUM traffic is allowed between sites.
  • intersite_l2_stretch - (Optional) Flag to enable l2Stretch between sites.
  • ip_learning - (Optional) Endpoint Dataplane Learning.
  • ipv6_mcast_allow - (Optional) Flag to indicate multicast IpV6 is allowed or not.
  • limit_ip_learn_to_subnets - (Optional) Limits IP address learning to the bridge domain subnets only. Every BD can have multiple subnets associated with it. By default, all IPs are learned.
  • ll_addr - (Optional) override of system generated ipv6 link-local address.
  • mac - (Optional) The MAC address of the bridge domain (BD) or switched virtual interface (SVI). Every BD by default takes the fabric-wide default MAC address. You can override that address with a different one. By default the BD will take a 00:22:BD:F8:19:FF mac address.
  • mcast_allow - (Optional) Flag to indicate if multicast is enabled for IpV4 addresses.
  • multi_dst_pkt_act - (Optional) The multiple destination forwarding method for L2 Multicast, Broadcast, and Link Layer traffic types.
  • name_alias - (Optional) name_alias for object bridge_domain.
  • bridge_domain_type - (Optional) The specific type of the object or component.
  • unicast_route - (Optional) The forwarding method based on predefined forwarding criteria (IP or MAC address).
  • unk_mac_ucast_act - (Optional) The forwarding method for unknown layer 2 destinations.
  • unk_mcast_act - (Optional) The parameter used by the node (i.e. a leaf) for forwarding data for an unknown multicast destination.
  • v6unk_mcast_act - (Optional) v6unk_mcast_act for object bridge_domain.
  • vmac - (Optional) Virtual MAC address of the BD/SVI. This is used when the BD is extended to multiple sites using l2 Outside.