» aci_cloud_endpoint_selectorfor_external_e_pgs

Data source for ACI Cloud Endpoint Selector for External EPgs
Note: This resource is supported in Cloud APIC only.

» Example Usage

data "aci_cloud_endpoint_selectorfor_external_e_pgs" "foo_ep_selector" {

  cloud_external_e_pg_dn  = "${aci_cloud_external_e_pg.ext_epg.id}"
  name                    = "dev_ext_ep_select"

» Argument Reference

  • cloud_external_e_pg_dn - (Required) Distinguished name of parent CloudExternalEPg object.
  • name - (Required) name of Object cloud_endpoint_selectorfor_external_e_pgs.

» Attribute Reference

  • id - Attribute id set to the Dn of the Cloud Endpoint Selector for External EPgs.
  • annotation - (Optional) annotation for object cloud_endpoint_selectorfor_external_e_pgs.
  • is_shared - (Optional) For Selectors set the shared route control.
  • name_alias - (Optional) name_alias for object cloud_endpoint_selectorfor_external_e_pgs.
  • subnet - (Optional) Subnet from which EP to select.