» Publishing to the Registry

You can publish providers to the Terraform Registry using the same process as providers built on SDKv2, with one extra step.

The Terraform Registry assumes that published providers support version 5 of the Terraform protocol, but providers built using the framework are built on version 6. You need to add a manifest to your provider's release assets that tells the Terraform Registry about this difference.

» Add a Version Manifest

When you upload your new provider version to GitHub:

  1. Next to the zip files containing your binaries for each platform, include a file named terraform-provider-$NAME_$VERSION_manifest.json where $NAME is your provider's name (e.g. random) and $VERSION is your provider's version (e.g. 1.2.3).

  2. Add the following contents. The version number in the file is the version of the manifest format, not the version of your provider.

    "version": 1,
    "metadata": {
    "protocol_versions": ["6.0"],
  3. Include the SHA-256 checksum of this JSON file in your SHA256SUMS file.

The Terraform Registry will detect this file and understand that this version of your provider only supports version 6 of the Terraform protocol. It will correctly advertise that fact to Terraform, so that Terraform versions that don't support protocol 6 will not download it.