» Terraform Plugin Framework

The plugin framework is a new way to develop Terraform plugins, providing improvements and new features from Teraform Plugin SDKv2.

» Get Started

Try the Implement Create and Read with the Terraform Plugin Framework tutorial on HashiCorp Learn.

» Key Concepts

  • Providers are Terraform plugins that supply resources and data sources for practitioners to use. They are implemented as binaries that the Terraform CLI downloads, starts, and stops.
  • Schemas define available fields for provider, resource, or provisioner configuration block, and give Terraform metadata about those fields.
  • Resources are an abstraction that allow Terraform to manage infrastructure objects, such as a compute instance, an access policy, or disk. Providers act as a translation layer between Terraform and an API, offering one or more resources for practitioners to define in a configuration.
  • Data Sources are an abstraction that allow Terraform to reference external data. Providers have data sources that tell Terraform how to request external data and how to convert the response into a format that practitioners can interpolate.

» Test and Publish