» Puppet Provisioner

The puppet provisioner installs, configures and runs the Puppet agent on a remote resource. The puppet provisioner supports both ssh and winrm type connections.

» Requirements

The puppet provisioner has some prerequisites for specific connection types:

  • For ssh type connections, cURL must be available on the remote host.
  • For winrm connections, PowerShell 2.0 must be available on the remote host.

Without these prerequisites, your provisioning execution will fail.

Additionally, the puppet provisioner requires Bolt to be installed on your workstation with the following modules installed

» Example usage

resource "aws_instance" "web" {
  # ...

  provisioner "puppet" {
    server             = aws_instance.puppetmaster.public_dns
    server_user        = "ubuntu"
    extension_requests = {
      pp_role = "webserver"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • server (string) - (Required) The FQDN of the Puppet master that the agent is to connect to.

  • server_user (string) - (Optional) The user that Bolt should connect to the server as (defaults to root).

  • os_type (string) - (Optional) The OS type of the resource. Valid options are: linux and windows. If not supplied, the connection type will be used to determine the OS type (ssh will assume linux and winrm will assume windows).

  • use_sudo (boolean) - (Optional) If true, commands run on the resource will have their privileges elevated with sudo (defaults to true when the OS type is linux and false when the OS type is windows).

  • autosign (boolean) - (Optional) Set to true if the Puppet master is using an autosigner such as Daniel Dreier's policy-based autosigning tool. If false new agent certificate requests will have to be signed manually (defaults to true).

  • open_source (boolean) - (Optional) If true the provisioner uses an open source Puppet compatible agent install method (push via the Bolt agent install task). If false the simplified Puppet Enterprise installer will pull the agent from the Puppet master (defaults to true).

  • certname (string) - (Optional) The Subject CN used when requesting a certificate from the Puppet master CA (defaults to the FQDN of the resource).

  • extension_requests (map) - (Optional) A map of extension requests to be embedded in the certificate signing request before it is sent to the Puppet master CA and then transferred to the final certificate when the CSR is signed. These become available during Puppet agent runs as trusted facts. Friendly names for common extensions such as pp_role and pp_environment have been predefined.

  • custom_attributes (map) - (Optional) A map of custom attributes to be embedded in the certificate signing request before it is sent to the Puppet master CA.

  • environment (string) - (Optional) The name of the Puppet environment that the Puppet agent will be running in (defaults to production).

  • bolt_timeout (string) - (Optional) The timeout to wait for Bolt tasks to complete. This should be specified as a string like 30s or 5m (defaults to 5m - 5 minutes).