» OneLogin Configuration

Follow these steps to configure OneLogin as the identity provider (IdP) for Terraform Enterprise.

  1. Add a OneLogin app by going to Apps > Add Apps then searching for "SAML Test Connector (IdP)".
  2. Name the app. image
  3. Configure the service provider URLs. These are shown in your Terraform Enterprise SAML settings at https://<YOUR_TERRAFORM_ENTERPRISE_DOMAIN>/admin/integrations/saml. image
  4. Map the NameId and MemberOf parameters. image image
  5. Copy the endpoint URLs and certificate to your Terraform Enterprise SAML settings https://<YOUR_TERRAFORM_ENTERPRISE_DOMAIN>/admin/integrations/saml. image image
  6. Enable access for specific roles. image
  7. Add users and specify their roles. image image

» Terraform Enterprise SAML SSO settings

Verify the endpoint URLs, certificate, and attribute mappings are correct in the SAML SSO settings.