» The CLI-driven Run Workflow

Terraform Enterprise (TFE) has three workflows for managing Terraform runs.

  • The UI/VCS-driven run workflow, which is TFE's primary mode of operation.
  • The API-driven run workflow, which is more flexible but requires you to create some tooling.
  • The CLI-driven run workflow described below, which is the API-driven workflow with a user-friendly command line tool.

» Summary

The CLI-driven workflow is largely the same as the API-driven workflow: workspaces are not associated with a VCS repo, and you must upload configurations to them. But if all you want to do is drive runs with content from a local workstation, you can use our optional TFE CLI tool without having to build your own tooling to call TFE's API.

If you previously used the deprecated terraform push command, the TFE CLI should fit your existing workflows.

Download the TFE CLI tool here. Documentation is available at the GitHub repository, and each of its commands have help available.