» TFE Release v202110-1 (576)

» Installer Level Features

  1. RHEL 8 is now supported via the Replicated installer
  2. RHEL 7.9 is now supported as an Alternative Worker Image

    » Application Level Features

  3. Added a clear filters link to private module search results

» Application Level Bug Fixes

  1. Updated Vault to version 1.8.4 to fix an issue where database connections were not properly being removed from the connection pool.
  2. Fixed an issue where fetching structured run output for a plan would result in a 500 status code.
  3. Fixed dasherized keys within object output values on state version and state version output endpoints. For example, output maps containing key "my_output_key" would become "my-output-key" due to automatic jsonapi formatting.
  4. Fixed "a.filter is not a function" error when expanding structured output plans containing sensitive set attributes and blocks.
  5. Fixed hourly pricing for azurerm_managed_disk
  6. Added support for plan json 1.0
  7. Fixed an issue where status timestamps were not populated correctly in configuration version API responses.
  8. Fixed issue where the workspace UI showed elements only applicable to remote/agent execution modes when local execution mode was enabled.
  9. Fixed Cost Estimation failure when looking up Elastisearch costs when using deprecated instance names ending in elastisearch.
  10. Fixed issue where invalid UTF-8 characters in README can result in errors loading Workspaces.

» Application Level Security Fixes

  1. Ongoing container updates to address reported vulnerabilities in underlying packages / dependencies.