» TFE Release v202108-1 (557)

» Application Level Features:

  • Added run metadata to Docker containers performing Terraform operations
  • Added Terraform CLI versions up through 1.0.3 to Terraform Enterprise.
  • Added locked_by as an includable resource in the workspaces API.
  • Added ability for organization tokens to manage workspace notification configurations.
  • Updated run status badges and filtering options
  • Added the Workspace Overview to Terraform Cloud capability for Enterprise environments, including the newly released resource grid.
  • Added the ability to group and filter workspaces using singleton tags.

» Application Level Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed broken GitLab.com OAuth Application registration link.
  • Fixed handling Oauth Token refresh on failed workspace updates.
  • Fixed incorrect display of apply logs for canceled runs.
  • Fixed bug where JSON plan output was only kept for a week after run completion.
  • Fixed broken API token copy buttons in some browsers.
  • Fixed workspace relationship ID in state version API
  • Fixed organization settings navigation by hiding sections and switching to sentence case

» Application Level Security Fixes:

  • Removed the ability for new users to change two-factor authentication settings without first confirming their email.
  • Ongoing container updates to address reported vulnerabilities in underlying packages / dependencies.

» API:

  • Introduced Workspace Tagging
    • Updated Workspaces:
      • added tag_names attribute.
      • added POST /workspaces/:workspace_id/relationships/tags
      • added DELETE /workspaces/workspace-2/relationships/tags
    • Added Organization Tags.
    • Added tags attribute to tfrun
  • Notification configurations: Gave organization tokens permission to create and manage notification configurations.
  • State versions: Fixed the ID format for the workspace relationship of a state version. Previously, the reported ID was unusable due to a bug.
  • Workspaces: Added locked_by as an includable related resource.