» TFE Release v202107-1 (550)

» Application Level Breaking Changes:

  • Changed default run messages to no longer include detailed information about the run (destroy run, resource targets, etc.). Instead, destroy runs and refresh-only runs are now clearly labeled wherever they're displayed.

» Application Level Features:

  • Added labels for destroy runs and refresh-only runs in workspace run lists.
  • Modified preflight checks to use HTTP and the system HTTP proxy when verifying connectivity to releases.hashicorp.com.
  • Added structured run output for the apply phase of a run. New Apply User Interface
  • Changed the organization settings left navigation sidebar into thematic groups, with settings in alphabetical order within a group.

» Application Level Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed icon rendering on workspace overviews in safari
  • Fixed typo in policy sets UI
  • Fixed slow module search API endpoint which could cause performance issues for terraform-registry.
  • Fixed creating apply-able Runs for Bitbucket Server
  • Fixed error running Cost Estimation on Terraform 1.0.1 plans
  • Fixed extra border on run phases expandable boxes
  • Fixed modal dialog focus trap issues
  • Fixed module change version drop down with only one version

» Application Level Security Fixes:

  • Addressed authorization flaw that allowed privilege escalation via the TFE run token (HCSEC-2021-18 / CVE-2021-36230).
  • Ongoing container updates to address reported vulnerabilities in underlying packages / dependencies.